Saturday, September 6, 2008

High Maintenance Missy

So this is her package.  Morning and night, Evie takes:
3 different meds for reflux
Nystatin for thrush
A diuretic for fluid on her lungs
A capsule through a nebulizer for asthma.
...And this is paired down from when she came home from the hospital and was on different heart meds treating her arrhythmia's.
Goodness!  Gonna take more than a "spoon full of sugar" to help this go down:-)  She is a trooper and tolerates them so much better than she used to.  A bit of an irony when your child throws up reflux medicine...what then?

1 comment:

anne sokol said...

I'm so glad you're doing this blog! Thanks for letting me see into your life :) write about how the other kids are handling this, too. anne sokol

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