Friday, November 7, 2008

Double Trouble

Evie is no longer the littlest peanut in our family.  Yesterday we drove to Atlanta and got to meet her new cousins...two week old Autumn and Emma.  And may I say, they are ADORABLE!  

Evie was definitely giving them the once over and was jockying for position on my lap.   In the following picture, she seems to be checking to see if poor Emma has removable body parts like the polly-pockets she plays with at home:-)

Today Evie was checked out by Baby Net.  They screened for developmental delays because of her past medical history.  She is right on track with gross and fine motor skills and interaction. However her "failure to thrive" and poor weight gain has led them recommend weekly oral/speech therapy.  So we'll add that along with Pulmonologist, Pediatrician, Opthamologist, and two Cardiologist to her growing list of specialists!  


Amanda-The Family News! said...

Look at all of that hair on those precious baby girls!!!! I am jealous! :)

What does Evie weigh - out of curiosity? She is such a cutie - and how adorable checking out the little babies!!!!!

Jess said...

Lorelei is using baby net too! It has helped since she very much dislikes being on her tummy! We chose Easter Seals and they have been wonderful! Everyone looks great!

The Butcher Family said...
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The Butcher Family said...

Beautiful pictures...and many thanks to your sister-in-law for dressing them alike (with big bows, nonetheless!)! I love it!

Love you, friend, and looking forward to our date this week!

With thanksgiving for you~ Rebecca

Kelly said...

What sweet shots!! Hope you are getting some rest with family! Love you and praying for you friend!

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