Friday, July 31, 2009


We love hair bows at our house….can you tell?

After getting slightly addicted to Give Away Today, I have decided to host our own little sweepstakes for fun. Know someone who would look sweet in this little Pretty In Pink ensemble? I’m giving away four assorted hair bows and a Blooming Baby hair clippie. What little girl wouldn’t love to add these accessories to her collection? You can enter up to three times to win.

Evie modeling her own Blooming Baby rosebud.

For 1st entry, leave a comment with your first and last name and tell me who you want to give the bows to (ie. “My three year-old princess”, “My sisters new baby”, “The next door neighbors posh poodle”)

For a 2nd entry, become a follower ("Smith Stalker"), then leave me a comment with your first and last name and let me know you’ve become a follower.

For 3rd entry, add Evie's button to your blog. (directions below) then leave me a 3rd comment with your blog name.

Ill announce the winner in a couple days, so check back. Good luck!

Button tutorial

1) To add our Button, copy the button image to your computer (drag and drop it on your desk top)

2) Next go to your blog and Add A Gadget

3) Select "Picture" to add

4) link our address and Choose File from your computer. Select to upload our button picture. Save and you're done...

....and "Whaa-laa"!! You've done it!


Anonymous said...

Maycee Geiger
for my daughter Madelyn

Anonymous said...

Ooh fun!! My granddaughter loves bows!
Juanita Marks

if I had a blog I'd add your button. Love reading it

Steph said...

Stephanie Mannor
I'm going to a baby shower for a girlfriend next week and would love to add these to her pink outfits I've already bought

Colton's Journey said...

My almost three year old princess Emma! I will joyfully add your button!

Jen said...

Jen Sanders

great for my twins...enough pink to go around

Anonymous said...

for Gigi, my sweet baby

DylKat said...

These bows would be adorable for my princess-in-training daughter, Kaitlyn:) Or as her brother calls her "Sassy McMassy"!

Also becoming a follower:)

~Holly Ballard

Amanda-The Family News! said...

WEll of course Miss Lauren would be wearing these bows if we won!!! So cute!

I am already a follower (does that count?).

And I have added Miss Evie's button to my blog!!!

Amanda Byars

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