Monday, July 13, 2009

Sugar High!

Its become a tradition in our family to celebrate the girls 3rd birthday with an ice cream sundae party.  Isabelle went shopping with me to pick out all the syrups and sprinkles and toppings she fancied.  A glowing California sunset made a perfect backdrop for her pink party.   (This is a great age-appropriate theme for any of you looking for party ideas!)

-A giant tub of multi colored ice cream balls (wrap individually in syran wrap so it doesn’t turn into a melting pot)

-A cone castle.  Dip cones or waffle cups in white chocolate and colored sugar sprinkles.  Stack on tiered platters

-Cupcakes decorated like ice cream cones with a cherry on top

-Bowls of M&M’s, peanuts, crushed Oreos, maraschino cherries, whipped cream, chocolate sauce….your imagination is the limit.

Let the guests have at it!  I would strongly recommend this being a lawn party rather than staged in your living room!

Izzy was way more interested in filling cones to the brim with sprinkles than eating ice cream.  :-)


I took her for a date on the morning of her Birthday to Starbucks.  She took her time selecting a Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake and a “pink shake” for breakfast.  (Why not – your birthday only comes once a year!)  We sat at Barnes and Noble and read all the Fancy Nancy books and she got to choose one.  These books are DARLING!  My child who has been called “Izzy” since the day she was born introduces herself to strangers as “Princess Isabelle Katherine S’miff” all the time.  Fancy Nancy is SO her!

We concluded our day at a restaurant on the water in the mountains.  She ordered waffles for dinner and then was presented with a giant platter of cream coated, chocolate smoothed ice cream by the waiter for her birthday.  I think its sufficient to say she has had her quota of sugar for the YEAR!


Anonymous said...

Love the idea. Definitely going to steal the ice cream party idea for our up and coming three-year-old!

Julie and Tate

The Butcher Family said...

Happy Birthday, Izzy!!!

What a special day for a very special little girl! Is she really 3 already? Wow!

Love you~ Rebecca

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Princess Isabelle!! Looks like you had quite the party! I remember when you were born and your mama first brought you to how you've grown into quite the little princess.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

fellow Fancy Nancy fan here :)

franknbellesmom said...

Cute as can be!!! Love the dress - pillowcase, I assume? And Brit looks like the tolerant big sister while Izzy has her mouth stuffed! Have a wonderful rest-of-summer!

Donna said...

What a cute idea...the pictures are darling!! Love the pink polkadot dresses!!

perilloparodies said...

SPECTACULAR idea!!! Where did you ever come up with such a fun cupcake party? I love the polka dots, the original cake, the details you mentioned. I just may be able to use this... hmm... wheels in my brain are turning...

I have never heard of the Fancy Nancy books, but "Princess Isabelle Katherine S’miff" is a hoot! :-)

If you would like... I have posted about some original birthday parties I have thrown at our family blog...

Stop by any time. :-)

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