Saturday, September 19, 2009

Catching Up...

Some have asked how I manage 5 little ones and homeschooling with a husband who travels a great deal of the time.
Lest you be under any illusions, Ill go on record saying "Some days better than others".

Yes, cereal counts as a well rounded breakfast at our house.

No, there are no matching lids in my tupperware drawer, because most of it has migrated to the girls play kitchen.

Yes, I have an entire basket full of unmatched socks in my laundry room (and probably just as many in the dresser drawers and between the couch cushions)

No, my little darlings don't make their beds unprompted every morning.

Yes, I believe in using chocolate on a regular basis for negotiation purposes.

No, my children do not inherently love to share and be kind to eachother.

Yes, there are days I contemplate putting them on the next little yellow bus that drives by.

No, there is absolutely nothing I would rather be doing!!

I manage.
I manage with great difficulty, utter dependance on the Lord and am blessed with a great deal of help!

My sister-in-law has her Masters in Elementary Education and is truly a gifted and creative teacher. She exudes patience and clearly loves her area of expertise!

She is giving her time every morning to come help me for several hours overseeing Phonics, Math and Language Arts with the older three. Without her, I truly dont know how I would manage! She has been a very direct answer to prayer for help for me this year!

Making clay bricks like the Nomads
My Mother came to visit last weekend on the tail end of C being gone for 10 days. Thank God for reinforcements! She is a hoot! She came down one morning posing as Miss Viola Swamp - "the meanest substitute in the world."
(If you dont know this book, its a must read! A favorite of ours!) Complete with black scary wig and mole on her chin, she substituted and led an art class for the kids. They ate it up!!

Mother replaced the ugly black dress with a Martha Stewart apron and prepared a fabulous early Birthday dinner for Britain, my sister Josie and I to celebrate September birthdays together.

We had a little late night extra curricular activity...You know that "this hurts me more than it hurts you" line? Its true!
My little sis got earrings for her birthday.
I pierced my own ears in problem. I have a relatively high pain tolerance! Let me tell you, it was way more painful to do it to my cute sister! Doesnt she look excited?


Donna said...

Looks like you have FUN at your house!!

Briana said...

You PIERCED HER EARS??? What kinda sister are you?


Raymond said...

hahaaha... Is Josie drooling from the pain? And yeah... how'd that whole "I pierced my own ears while in England" thing go over? Aren't you forgetting some details?

I know I'm a day early, but.... Happy almost birthday, Mandy. You are radiant!

katherine said...

YOu girls are NUTSO! there is no way i would EVER let you pierce my ears!
oh and mother looks really scary in that outfit! :)

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