Monday, January 4, 2010


Parenting advice = you gotta learn to laugh!

The following conversation left me both disturbed and sputtering on my drink because I was laughing so hard.

Isabelle, our four year old, had a runny nose and I told her she needed a kleenex.
With eyebrows raised in obvious distain, she retorted;
"Guess what mommy? I saw Britain wipe a booger on her pants yesterday. Dat be di-custing!"
"Yes Izzy, that is disgusting"

Looking back now, the idiocy of my inquiry slaps me in the face, but it seemed a teachable moment at the time. So I asked.....I shouldn't have, but I asked the question you should never ask a toddler as I handed her a tissue.
"Where should we put boogers Izzy"

Still appaled that her sister could be so un-kosher, she nooded her head sincerely replying;
"In our mouth!"

................I asked. My bad!

No. My children have impeccable manners and know the function of a handkerchief. They would never, never do something so atrocious as the aforementioned. And I certainly would never blog about it because I found it wildly funny. Not me!

There are plenty of books and articles and experts offering more sound advise than I on how to be a great mother.  Without question, it is by the grace of God and total reliance on him that we (or our kids) survive.
But as for me, a sure way to survive our insane days with 5 is to learn to laugh!
Strap on your sense of humor if you want to have kids - you're gonna need it.
Some days, laughing is the only thing that keeps you from crying!
Buckle up!


Josie said...

That does sound like Izzy...cute, spunky, and in every way adorable. So glad I got to see you yesterday. Love you all so much.

Lacey said...

Oh that is so hilarious, and so kids!!

Mom's on Fire! said...

How like a child! :-)

PS - My first visit here - but had to comment that my youngest sister's name is Evangeline (Evangeline Grace) - we call her Vangie. In 35 years, I've never encountered another Evangeline!

Blessings in the New Year!

Shauna and Ben said...

Love it!

Rudy Rukus said...

Very funny! Yes you did ask but oh gross!!

The Carter's said...

So funny!! I bet you'll think before you ask next time, at least about boogers! Ha!!

Weeksie50 said...

Ha Ha- Your Izzy is a cutie!
I teach pre-k and I get all kinds of answers like that.. and I have to remind myself sometimes.. Don't ask! Don't ask!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

WHOA, that is adorable... and disturbing... but mostly adorable! My little girl loves picking her nose already. I guess 15 month olds are just naturally drawn to anything that is gooey and slightly green!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Donna said...


crystal sutherland said...

Ha ha ha ha ha... that is awesome, cute and gross all at the same time. What a little darling you have there.. he he...

Anonymous said...

I can' t but agree.I usually wanted to send a letter in my position something like that but I guess you' r faster.

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