Monday, February 22, 2010

Not My Child

I had to laugh when I saw this sign posted in our local coffee shop where I spent the afternoon on Saturday unaccompanied by my children...
Sensing my amusement, the barista leaned over the counter and nodded suspiciously toward the far table where a girl sat slurping her hot chocolate with her mother. Under her breath the woman muttered, "You wouldn't believe some of the kids that come in here."

I raised my eyebrow sympathetically...
"You dont say!"
I paid and sat down.
I had a sneaky suspicion Id passed in this womans eyes as a have-it-together single lady who had never had a 4 year old throw a temper tantrum in the library.
.....or a two year old grab fist fulls of candy in line at the grocery store.
.....or carried a screaming child out of church
(as I did....ahem....yesterday!)
.....or lost complete control of all five of her children in a public place.

I didnt feel compelled to correct her misunderstanding.


Christi said...

Thats a hoot. Ive seen a similar sign!

Anonymous said...

very nice ;)

Lacey said...

I do hate unattended kids that run wild, but that lady obviously didn't have children!

crystal sutherland said...

He he he.. Yes, sometimes it is best to just smile and nod and let them think the best of us.

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