Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miss Persnickety

Yesterday Izzy piped up from the back seat of the car.
"If I were a baby, I would choose someone else to be my momma"
I laughed outloud.
"Oooookaaay...." I replied stuffing my pride under the dashboard. "Who would you choose?"
She thought a moment and then a look of adoration glazed over her face.
"Id pick Uncle Adam's girlfriend. Cause I really, REALLY love her".

Ill try not to get a complex about the fact that this mommy who has read her Fancy Nancy no less than 27,000 times, kissed her boo-boos, fixed her pancakes every Saturday morning and put curlers in her hair before bed can so quickly be replaced by a beautiful girl Izzy has spent approximately 5 hours with.

My sister reminded me the 4 year old change their mind as often as they change clothes (which in Izzy's case is several times a day)
Maybe tomorrow Ill be back in her good graces.

Little Stinker!


Natasha said...

Awh - I've heard that before, although it was because my 5-year old was mad at me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. We had to have a talk about how what you say can hurt someone's feelings... :)
Little Stinker is Right! LOL

Anonymous said...

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