Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Through My Lens

I got my first "real" job with the new camera.
An amazingly talented/homeschooling mom of three/shop owner/new friend of mine, asked me if she sent me her Christmas line of smocked dresses, would I mind taking some photographs to use on her site.
I was so honored to be asked!
Needless to say, it didnt take too much convincing.
She tucked in some extra summer designs and a back-to-school shortset with smocked crayons for Evie that is too cute!
We had SO much fun with this project!
You can see why off the record, this is one of my favorite Etsy shops! If you're in the market for smocked Christmas dresses, you should really check out Dayspring Dresses new holiday line.....and the cute models on her site:-)
I love these girls with all my heart.....the sweetness....and the sass!
Thank you Kelly for a great excuse to doll up my girls and play with my camera!


Hannah said...

You have such beautiful girls!!!!!
I love the sassy picture of Evie hahaha!

Laura said...

Your pictures are beautiful! You are very talented. We had a blast yesterday!

Laura said...
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Rebecca said...

You are much better with that camera than you think, my friend! Love them all!

Donna said...

Each outfit is cuter than the! Great dresses on juts darling girls! Their hair is just gorgeous too. Yes, I see why this is your favorite shop!!

Carolina Carters said...

So precious! Great pictures, adorable dresses, and BEAUTIFUL models! :)

Donna said...

P.S. LOVE Evie's pigtails!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, mandy, like their mama :)

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