Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wedding, Take #1

Ive been incognito for the past week and a half. Ive been going absolutely NUTS with my photo editing program crashing. It perhaps had something to do with the fact that it was overloaded with twenty-nine-thousand-photos and quite possibly, was just worn out! Poor C has been trying to help me figure out how to put them on an external hard drive. Sweet guy! Ive been beyond frustrated to not be able to access my pictures!! Grrrrrr.....!!!

So, another brother wed last weekend!! This was the first of three sibling weddings this summer. Such fun! Having grown up with seven brothers, we're super excited to see the boy/girl ratio evening out with the guys getting married!

The original sisters (....tall ones in the back row :)
and the sweet girlfriends, SIL's and fiance's in front.
We had a surprise bachelorette party for Shelby and enjoyed sharing cheesecakes and hors d'oeuvres at a swanky in-town cafe!
Izzy (who was born on her Uncle DJ's Birthday) was so honored to be asked to be a flower girl in DJ and Shelby's wedding! She took it sooooo seriously!! Her intensity however did not keep her from gloating. Since she was the only child who got to come to the rehearsal dinner, she took advantage of the opportunity to rub it in as we left the other's with a babysitter.
"Bye guys. I might be late. You can go to bed and I'll tell you about it in the morning!"
No dancing partner for me at the reception....Poor C completely tore his ACL and meniscus in a soccer accident about two weeks ago.
The man has already traveled to London and back on crutches. No keeping him down. Surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. Y'all can be praying for him. Seems everyone we tell knows someone who has had their ACL repaired and its a brutal recovery!
Im so excited. My brother DJ has taken a job in our city and he and his beautiful bride are moving here. We're going to have family in town!

My very intelligent brother strategically picked an apartment a safe 40 minutes from us. :) Smart guy!


Faith M. said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They're great. I'm a little disappointed that you've managed to hide Gigi in all of them. :-) I'm glad that Chad made it to the wedding, and I'm praying that surgery and recovery go very smoothly.

Anonymous said...

So many SILs/Sisters you can make your own party! Sorta jealous!

Anonymous said...

So many SILs/Sisters you can make your own party! Sorta jealous!

Lacey said...

Wow, 3 weddings in one summer! It'll be busy for you guys this year!

Anonymous said...

Always love seeing your beautiful smiling face! And I hope you get the hard drive thing fixed!!!!

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