Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So this blog SHOULD be titled "seventhsmith-and-siblings"

Meet Britain...the "girl-next-door" type...almost 4, spunky, curious, a bit of a tom-boy, inventive, conniving, sweet-spirited, 
sometimes instigating trouble, 
usually funny...
and always adorable.

I have to preface her story by explaining that Tristan got stitches on Friday.  He fell in a running race and gashed his knee warranting an ER visit, six stitches and a trip to McDonalds for a milk shake rewarding his bravery through the ordeal.

So Monday night Im on the phone long-distance when Abi comes running through the kitchen yelling that Britain has broken something.  I investigated and found our very large mirror laying across Britains bed splintered in a million shards of glass.  The way I understand it, she was building a diving board off her bed and it broke when she tried to jump on it.

Britain's guardian angel gets a bonus.  She was nearly unscathed aside from a tiny cut on her baby toe.

I set her down for a very lengthy "come-to-Jesus-talk" mingled with a tirade of "do you know what could have happened to you?!!"  Because she was so intently listening to my every word, I assumed that my little speech on applying wisdom was making sense to her.  After I finished droning on, I asked if she had something to say.
"Yes mama"  She poised herself with great sincerity.
This was it, I thought...I was getting through apology? epiphany?
"Mommy", she asked.  "Do I get a shake like Tristan, since I got a boo-boo?"

So much for that "teachable moment."


The Butcher Family said...

That is so Britain! That is hysterical! Way to go, got that one through to her!

Love you~ Rebecca

Tyler and Kelly said...

ohhh!! I love it!! Praise the Lord for His are an awesome mom! Praying for you keep teaching!! =)

Karen said...

oh bless her...that cracks me up! Love you!

Anonymous said...

uh, if it makes you feel any better, skyla pulled our tv down on herself . . . it's out on the balcony now . . . yeek, mirror diving boards--glad abi was quick to call you :)

Jr, Suzie, Cole, Cruz, and Lindsay Dean said...

That story is wonderful. Thanking God that the injury wasn't any worse. I just wanted to send a quick note to say that your words are uplifting and thank you for checking in on our little miracle baby. Getting nervous for Thursday but getting in "have to" mode.

Joy Badiuk said...

Hey Mandy...I just wanted to say hi and see how things were going. I randomly stumbled upon your blog the other day. Miss Evie is getting so big!!! I know you've got your hands full! Well I hope all is well and take care! Love, Joy Badiuk RN PCICU

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