Monday, September 22, 2008

Evie's Gift

Aside from the love of my life being five-thousand-two-hundred-and-eighty-four miles away in Ukraine (I did the math), it was a pretty-nearly-perfect-in-every-way-day!  Beautiful crisp,clear autumn day...reminiscent of unforgettable childhood birthdays!

Evie has added yet another specialist to her growing list of doctors.  We met her opthamologist today about a blocked tear duct that she's had since birth.  She very well might be the first child in history to sleep through an eye exam.  I mean lifting her lids, probing, shining lights, the whole nine-yards.  She was an angel!

My wonderful mother-in-law took me to lunch and my father-in-law gets honorable mention for watching the kids - brave guy!  The afternoon was complete with cake & ice-cream with my precious kiddos, oodles of sticky hugs and kisses and gaudy cards and a dozen gorgeous roses.  Evie LOVED watching her siblings blowing some great belly-laughs out of her!!

Evie had a present for me too.  While I was cleaning up the dinner dishes, she was playing on my kitchen floor.  I turned to see her half-way up the stairs on the landing......uh-oh...trouble's brewing!  

What a year its been!  Counting my many blessings!!!


The Butcher Family said...

What a blessed day! I am telling you, friend, your family could be the Hallmark family of the year with all of your precious pictures...just photo shop Chad's face in & it's perfect!
Thank you for sharing and putting a big smile on my face this morning!
Love to you~ Rebecca

Kelly said...

Oh so glad you had a wonderful day! Karen and I sure missed you last night as we celebrated our bdays together at 'Reprisa'.....I know you are counting down to your hubs return......hang in there! Hugs and prayers for you!

CarolinaGirl said...

I just came across your blog and I wanted you to know I am praying for your beautiful daughter. You have an absolutely gorgeous family.

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