Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Our neighbor friend prepared and brought dinner over to share last night. Delectable salmon from Nova Scotia cooked to perfection.

Evie. My child who wont eat. My almost-two-year-old who is still on a nearly exclusive Pediasure diet. My vegan girl who wants nothing to do with chicken, who wont touch beef. This hoity-toity girl makes me laugh!

She polished off three helpings of the gourmet fish dinner.

Why am I not surprised that my million dollar baby has expensive taste! That's my girl!
(...pity the guy who falls for this picky princess!)


Lacey said...

That is so funny. That girl does have expensive taste!!

Laura said...

I am so sorry that we were unable to meet you for lunch today. It was a great idea, I just couldn't work out the logistics. We had a previously planned playdate at Monkey Joe's today at noon.

Definitely let me know the next time that you are up this way and we can either meet somewhere in Greenville or you can come over here for lunch or dinner. We live off Exit 28 on I-26, so in a way, it is on your way home from GSP.

Hope to catch up soon!


Josie said...

Haha. Why am i not surprised. That little princess is helarious. She loves her thousand dollar meds, her California beaches, and now gormet fish...what next?

Karen said...

oh that was a good laugh!! :)

Heidi Ann said...

Only the best for the princess!

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