Sunday, November 1, 2009

Starlets and Super Heros

Isabelle waited until two days before the holiday to tell me she did not want to be a ballerina in her pink tutu, she wanted to be Fancy Nancy for Halloween; a character from her favorite book.
"Great" I thought. Fancy Nancy is known for shall we put this...eclectic! We'll just rummage through the dress-ups and pull together all the beads and bangles and scarves and such and we'll have a Fancy Nancy.
Oh no! Izzy pulled out her book and showed me she wanted to be "this Fancy Nancy". She went into great detail about a specific blue ruffly dress that she wanted to wear.
I found material I'd had buried somewhere and dusted off my sewing machine. The results: a cross between a bridesmaids dress from the 80's and Violet Beauregrde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Very blue. Very fluffy. Very Izzy! We added a boa and she was delighted!
My fearsome Batman. Tristan has worn this three years running. Think we're going to have to branch out and be a new superhero next year.
Abi the beautiful Bride (Im going to treasure these childhood pics on her wedding day!)
Evie was an Indian Princess for the Fall Festival and Grandma found a darling Ladybug costume for Trick or Treating.
Britain in the sari her Daddy brought her from India (I decided to remove the red Hindu dot before going to the church fall festival:-)
Do tell...what did you (or your little ones where applicable) dress up as?


Karen said...

you know I was a bride in the 3rd was oh so fun! :) All the other neighbor girls were indians...which was even funnier! Great pics!

Anne said...

here is my halloween blog post! :)

Rebecca said...

Abi makes a beautiful bride! Oh, she is going to melt someone's heart when she walks down the aisle one day!

I have to say that I am quite impressed with your sewing ability! You've been hiding that one!

Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

great pics!

Donna said...

It struck me that they all have the same beautiful eyes!!

katherine said...

DIED laughin when i saw Abi, SO ABI, so very funny. oh my cute dumplins were all so adorable.
miss you guys

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