Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue Baby

This term refers to babies such as Evie who are born with hearts that do not allow sufficient blood flow and consequently, they are oxygen deprived and The 2004 movie Something The Lord Made documents the surgical breakthrough that pioneered the first successful operation on one of these blue babies and saved their life. Its a must see for any parent of a heart baby! A tear jerker. A favorite of mine!
Evie was our blue baby.....but now is a very pink, rambunctious, trouble-making toddler thanks to her repair by a phenomenal physician and the Great Physician. However, I think Evie was a striking resemblance to a Smurf yesterday thanks to a Crayola non-toxic berry-blue marker.


Donna said...

My cousin was a "blue baby" and she died at the age of 2. You are right, technology has come, thankfully, a very long way! I'd love to see that movie and will look for it.
Thanks for the smile when I saw the "blueberry blue" pic!!! She's too cute!!

Lacey said...

Ooh, I'm definitely going to check this movie out!!!

Anonymous said...

The Great Physician truly is amazing!

I just 'found' your blog last week and look forward to following your sweet family!

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