Monday, September 27, 2010

Beach Recap

A million beautiful memories filed away from our excursion last week!
Several months ago, an organization contacted us and said that Evie's hospital had given them our name. This organization provides vacations for families of chronically ill children, those who have sustained a major medical crisis, or bereaving families who have lost children. We were very humbled to be referred and to be the recipients of such a gift!

There are so many times I look at this little girl so full of life and can almost forget all that she has endured. And then that little silver scar peeks out above her swimsuit and Im reminded of what a miracle she is!
I may have shared this before, but the horrible night that we got her diagnosis, I sat in a consultation room shaking in fear and physically feeling like I would pass out. I remember looking at a big oil painting on the wall of a little Victorian girl in a white frock playing by the ocean. That's what I wanted for my Evie.
To watch her grow up.
To take her to the seashore.
To see her running barefoot in the sand.
To make memories on the beach!
What a joy it has been to have those dreams come true. We consider every day with her such a gift from the Lord and pray that she will grow to give glory and praise and thanks to Him!
Sharing Precious Memories Foundation not only provided us with wonderful accommodations at the beach, but had a care package waiting for us upon arrival including meal vouchers for local restaurants, put-put golf passes for the family and tickets to an evening theatrical show.
It was a great (and much needed) week of R&R! The girls favorite part of the whole vacation may very well have been the huge Jacuzzi tub and delicious bubble baths!
We go next week for Evie's 6 month follow up with all her Cardiologist and Gastroenterologist in Charleston. It doesn't matter how many times your baby goes under the ECHO camera, I still get butterflies in my stomach! Anxious for a report!
So many questions as we look toward the future with our girl.
....but oh so many praises for today!


Colton's Journey said...

What a special gift! Photo's are so sweet. Great memories that are irreplaceable!

Zoe Love said...

How awesome! So glad you got to do this!
Love the pics!

Zoe Love said...

How awesome! So glad you got to do this!
Love the pics!

Carolina Carters said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you all were able to share such a special trip with such a special little girl.

Praying for the appointment to come. I totally understand the anxiety. It gives me butterflies just thinking about it!


Donna said...

Just...handsome pic of you and your hubby! And so cute of all the kids...but the one of the family on the beach is just wonderful!! What a great gift for you and your family! Health is a treasure in life...glad Evie is good and hopefully will always be. Hugs, Donna

Cara said...

So glad you were blessed with a relaxing vacation... LOVE the pics of your family :)

Jane said...

Mandi, I am so glad had a glorious week at the beach and thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. I LOVE the one of your family! Praying as you anticipate Evie's appointment for peace for you and Chad and a for a great report.

trooppetrie said...

this picture is amazing, I love it

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