Sunday, September 26, 2010

Simply Sweetest Six-year-old!

The Birthday Girl had a full day...
Breakfast date with Daddy.
Tea party with sisters.
(....including lots of cream and sugar!)
Pixie princess presents.
Two pieces of cake before bed.
And....loosing a tooth!
We love you dearly beautiful Britain. Our sweet n' sassy
Big sister, little sister, middle sister.


Faith M. said...

Oh, how I love these pictures! She's so beautiful inside and out and it looks like she had a most perfect day. She deserved every bit of it. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I wish we were there to celebrate with you.

Carolina Carters said...

Happy birthday Britain! It looks like you had a GREAT day!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Britain! What a fun party! My grandmother just loved tea parties an I hope to continue the tradition with my grandaughters some day. So sweet. All your girls are so sweet!!

katherine said...

Happy Birthday Brit! such a cutie - could that hair get any blonder?!

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