Wednesday, April 9, 2014


If you guessed "moving", you're right.


We're excited to finally share a move that's been in progress for a very long time!
So, grab a box, help us pack up and join us over here……

Our New Home

Monday, April 7, 2014

Big News

Its been a long dry spell here on the blog.  But that's just because there have been big things brewing under the surface and we have tons to share as soon as we get the green light.  A work thats been in progress for some time now.  We're not at liberty to reveal our news just yet, but in the next day or two, we have something to tell you.
Any guesses?
Here's a hint:

Check back soon!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Coming up for Air

Even my own mother is concerned after a month of silence from the blogosphere that there might something wrong.

Just popping my head up for air from under the "to do" pile to assure you that indeed, all is well on the home front.
Lots of on-call hours and long labors for recent births Ive attended.
Then with tons of new babies has been tons of fun newborn photoshoots.
And with that, tons of hours of editing which has devoured my creative outlet evening time.
And you know what?….Im getting older!  My days of staying up till 2:00am to get it all done…and waking up at 6:00 are fleeting!  Im requiring more sleep than I used to!

Hubs has been traveling extensively.
A dear friend visiting whom Im enjoying every second with.
Middle school science project deadlines.
Stomach flu which has hit our home twice.
PTO meetings, swim practice, hair to braid, lunches to pack….
Nothing noteworthy to report.  Just beautiful life blazing by.
Most days, Im lucky (with great difficulty and at least one toddler on my lap) to even get my make up on and hair fixed.

No creative Pinterest projects to post or spectacular outings to report or amazing meals Ive concocted.
Just normal, lovely, every-day days with dirty dishes in the sink, dust bunnies under the couch, giggles, messes and silly kissy Gigi pictures in the mirror.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Loves

Its back to tank tops and sundresses for us now…
...but we did our "winter thing" in honor of Valentines day.  


We whipped up some
heart-shaped cinnamon almond French toast for breakfast.

Nothing warms my heart more than a table full of my chattering pajama-clad loves.

Then it was off to the ice-rink bundled in the only warm clothes we own.
Team USA!!
Literally, we were scraping to find a sweatshirt and long-sleeved clothes for everyone.
Good thing the rink was barely cool enough to maintain the ice.  And by maintain, I mean….there was a half inch of standing water on top of the ice.
We just don't "do" cold here in Thailand.
This resulted in some very soggy bottoms after spills.

And, I knew that one day my obsession with matchy-matchy would pay off.  
Today was that day!
When we arrived, we were told that their Valentine special was "Buy one get one free" when you bring a friend.
Deal for the 6 skating Smiths!!
But then, we found out that if you dress to match someone, you get the second hour FREE!
Guess who just happened to be sporting matching outfits!?!?

Evie who has been infatuated with the movie Frozen was living a dream to be on ice!  Think she may have found "her thing".  Sorry babe…if your mommy any say in it, we will never be living somewhere cold again:)
So wish this girl could be watching the Olympics - she'd be smitten!  What a bummer to not have coverage here!

 Valentines Day forever after holds special significance to us because of her little heart!  Loved watching her so full of life today!

 Little loves of my life.  Full hands.  Full heart.  Blessed!

McDonalds hot fudge sundaes after skating - "Im lovin' it"

And then my Valentine whisk me away for a romantic night out…..but he's not as keen to have his picture taken :)  So here's an oldie but a goodie.  Love this guy more each day!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Paradise and Puke

In the past 5 days, Ive changed more sheets, moped up more puke, made more trips to pick up sick kids at school, stirred up more electrolyte concoctions and administered more midnight baths than I can to count.  Everyone is sleeping with buckets beside their beds.  C is currently laughing at my stall techniques not wanting to go to sleep because I know as soon as I lay my weary head down, Im going to hear retching from another room.
Every night the same routine!
The mother of all stomach bugs has hit our family with a vengeance.  At the same time, Evie (yes…the child who doesn't got to school and shouldn't be the one contracting germs) picked up Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease and has passed that around.  Then tonight, we noticed Tristan has a random rash all over his torso.
…what in the world!?!?!?

We are lying low and I wish I could say we were chilling watching the Olympic games.  However, since there is reportedly only one Thai olympic athlete in the winter olympics (not much opportunity to practice in snow here), there is no hype and no televised olympic coverage.
The only sporting event I care to watch - bummer!!!

13 months later, Im having my very first "I might hate Thailand" moments.

No Olympics
And no Lysol to be found.


Remembering back to a much happier time merely a week ago.  Last weekend, we had a team of US, Indian and Dutch colleagues coming into town and staying with us.  When C's sister told us she was coming to visit at the same time, we realized there was feasibly no way to house everyone and host the 10 team members that would be convening all weekend in our apartment for meetings….not really conducive to having 6 kids in and out while they are trying to work…right?

Benevolently, I volunteered to take the kids to the beach.  Strictly to keep the kids out from underfoot and provide the team with peace and quite mind you.
…..I mean, somebody had to do it :)
How considerate of me, right?

C's sister Rebecca and I had a great time with all the kiddos at a beach only a couple hours from Bangkok.  We took in some rays and of course my camera got a little workout.

Aaaahhhh….that golden hour when the sun kisses the horizon and bathes everything in color.    When brown sunburned shoulders shiver in the cooling breeze and pink cheeks glow reflecting the setting sun.  Wish I could bottle it!!

Can we just rewind please?

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