Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Introducing Evie

Our precious bundle has FINALLY, in God's perfect timing, joined our family!

Evangeline "Evie" Shalom Smith

(Bringer of joy...and peace)

January 16th 3:05pm

9lbs. 20 1/2 inches

On Tuesday afternoon, two weeks overdue, my midwife advised that an induction would be in the baby's best interest. It was a bit disconcerting. This isnt want we wanted it to come to! Declining an induction was number 1 on my birth-plan, but this little cookie was just happy and content to be the center of attention and not have to compete with the pecking order of 4 older siblings:-) ....and everyone was running out of patience with this little one!

Yesterday morning, we checked in. After the very fast and frenzied deliveries of the last two, it was actually pleasant to be admitted to the hospital and do all the paperwork at our leisure before they broke my water at 10:15. We were very prayerful that this would trigger labor and that an IV induction drip would not become necessary. The next hour was low-key. We hadn't yet agreed on a girls name, so we put both our favorite names in a hat, prayed over it and drew - C won! :-) About an hour later, contractions began. We walked the halls and peeked in the baby nursery for inspiration. Around 2:00 I could tell I was in transition. The next hour

was the hardest. Excruciating back labor put C's massage skills to the test! He was a wonderful and patient coach! At 3:05, Evie made her grand entrance into the world...a whopping 9lbs. of sweetness! She needed a little oxygen to pink up, but is looking beautiful now!

Our precious Midwife Marie. She delivered the twins 5 years ago and we came back especially to see her for this birth. She has 25 years of experience and actually doesnt even keep call hours at the hospital anymore, but has maintained all her hospital rights so she can take friends and past patients...we were so grateful she cleared her schedule and cancelled all her appointments yesterday to be there to assist our delivery! What a God-send!!

My mother who has been visiting for two weeks now...patiently for us...waiting...doing our laundry...waiting... reading and bathing little ones...and waiting some more, brought all the kiddo's in to meet their new baby sister last night. It was love at first sight!!

Sweet "Patti-Cake" made a BIRTHday cake and brought candles and flowers to the hospital for a party to celebrate...what fun!!

Had a conversation with Tristan a couple days ago where he was expressing how much he wanted a brother.

"But you love your sister Izzy" I reminded him

"Yeah," he said, "but that's cause she's really pretty".

"So you'll like a new baby sister if she's pretty?"


....Tristan had breakfast with me this morning and concurred..."She's a really pretty baby sister!"

We're bringing our little princess home tomorrow. Thank you for praying for the birth and anticipating with us the arrival of our newest little angel. We praise the Lord for the safe delivery and joy of this new one!

Happy to be the seven Smiths!!

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fierce-joy said...

What a beautiful family!, and a delightful birth story. As a doula I was nodding my head to your feelings on induction, but after my fourth we always had to rupture membranes to bring on a babe, no matter how long I contracted before that.. funny little monkeys!! Praise the Lord indeed for the life of Evie, continued prayers for her saftey and health. Gods good!!

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