Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Generous Slice of Humble Pie

Last week, we were just a tad late getting to dance class.
We couldn't find a clean pair of pink tights for Abi. The baby woke up crabby from her nap and I was driving with my knees slopping my make-up on while navigating these country roads that I know like the back of my hand. I also was gabbing on my cell phone with a friend (with whom I'd like to maintain a good reputation,) but alas, cut our conversation short humbly murmuring, "um...I've got to go. There is a cop pulling me over".

Bright blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror. Nuts!

Tristan pipes up from the backseat..."Oh cool mom! A police on a motorcycle"
Naturally, Im just as delighted!
A big burly officer poked his head in the window and our yapping cocker spaniel went ballistic!
"You were speeding ma'am"
"Yes sir, I know! ...I mean, I didnt know, but Im so sorry!" I babbled. "I know this is your job, but its been ten years since I've had a speeding ticket. Could you possibly reduce the fine?"
"Dont know about thaaaat" he drawled while confirming my story entering my DL# and insurance into his fancy mobile computer.

There is nothing more humbling than getting a slap on the wrist in front of not one, not two, but all five of your children.
But then he turns to Abi sitting beside me as if they are in cahoots against me.
"So, does yo' momma speed all the time or just some times?"
Abi looked at me with that deer in the headlights expression. This was a conversation I had never taken the time to prime her for!
She smiled oh-so-slightly answering tentatively, " never?"
I knew if my adventure loving Britain had been asked she'd have said something like "My mommy is a fast crazy driver!" just for the fun of it!
The officer was clearly enjoying the interchange (more than I) and continued with a series of questions for Abi about if I really didnt speed or if I was just good at not getting caught before he returned my license with nothing more than a warning.
....and a generous slice of humble pie!

Abi loved telling her daddy that she spared me from a speeding ticket.
And the next day, when the sun dawned welcoming a new and better day, Abi woke me with the words,
"Morning mom. Remember yesterday when we got arrested for speeding?"


shannon said...

Oh goodness. Well, we're human, and I've stepped on the pedal a little harder when we've been late for dance or t-ball, or anything else for that matter. In fact, just a few months ago, the same thing happened to me,, with all 3 kids in the car, and when I realized the flashing lights were for ME, I started laughing a very nervous laugh. Tyler, my very serious, rule-abiding 5 year old, says sternly from the back of the car, 'Mom, this is not funny- you are in big trouble here. That policeman is mad at you.' Hahaha.

RHONDA said...

LOL! That is funny!! Glad you didn't get a ticket when you were arrested!!


Bryna Rickett said...

BEST...STORY...EVER! Love, Bryna

Shannon said...

That is hilarious!!

The B Family said...

You amazed me even then...I told Scott that I would have flipped out on the phone if I were getting pulled but you were just as graceful as ever!
Wyatt would have probably gotten a kick out of the motorcycle man, too! :) Something about those boys...

Laura said...

Hi Mandy,

Can you email your address to me? I'd love to put you on our Christmas card list.

My email is:


Anonymous said...
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