Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make A Wish

~ A dream is a wish your HEART makes ~ 

She's been through more trauma in her short life than most of us ever will, but those harrowing first days fade to the background when you see the bouncy, bubbly full-of-life sweet-heart that she is today.  There are still the occasional blood draws and ECHO's and talks of what future procedures may be needed, but there are many, MANY care-free days that her "condition" is overshadowed by the pink bows and mop of curls that bound through our life and make our hearts skip a beat!

Which is perhaps why I found myself sitting in the car at the bottom of my driveway crying my eyes out the day I received this letter....

I was in utter shock.  The words "Your child's doctor has found Evangeline to be medically eligible to have a wish granted" jumped out at me.  It was a reality check. A reminder that we were in a club I really didn't want Evie to be in.  We've had lots of heart kiddo friends who have had wishes granted, but somehow I classified Evie as "over the worst".  The familiar fears and questions began to percolate as I mopped my mascara stained face with kleenexes and looked at Evie sleeping in her carseat in the rear-view-mirror.  The letter sent me into a tailspin.  I called my sister in tears.  I talked to my mom.  I scheduled a meeting with Evies doctor to talk about what qualified her as eligible.  
One of my dearest heart-mom friends talked me through it reminding me of what our girls have endured that has brought them to where they are today.  You need look no further than their horrific post-surgery pictures to know they are qualified "Wish Kids".
"Pray about it and if its right, than relax and enjoy every minute of Evie being treated like a princess". 

Within less than 24 hours, I had a call from our Wish facilitator.  I told her I was completely overwhelmed and needed some time to process.  She graciously told us to call her any time when we decided we were ready.  I explained my reservations because Evie is doing so well right now.  She clarified that MAW is no longer just for "terminal" kids, but that any child who is facing a life-threatening disease or illness qualifies.  Because of Evies complex defect which will be followed all her life, she has been approved.  

Its been overwhelming really.  All that any parent of a sick kid wants is for their child to be well....with every fiber of my being, I wish we'd never face another anesthesia or blood transfusion or overnight in the hospital or intubation.  I wish we could erase the scars and memories.  But God is about redeeming all things and we know Evie's little life is on a path that He has prepared for her - come what may.

  It was several weeks before I was ready to call our wish-granter back and plan a meeting.  Completely humbled and overwhelmed, we are choosing to receive with joy this incredible gift and embrace the experiences, relationships and opportunities this gift has lavished on our girl.

Evie made her wish this weekend over tea and cupcakes on a rainy Sunday afternoon with sweet Miss Dana who took her time as Evie shared her Princess books and talked about her favorite restaurant; Chick-fil-A. :)
 She was so cute during the interview which asked her favorite movie...favorite color, etc.  She kept looking out for her big brother..."My favorite music is High School Musical, but Tristan no like it."  
She's been dreaming big getting ready for this day.  Daddy helped her print off some of her ideas and she's been sleeping with pictures of African Safari animals, hula dancers and pink playhouses under her pillow.  When it came time to make her wish, she took a deep breath.....

"I wish to go on a Disney c'wuse with a waterside and see da pwincesses". 
 (Ever since she saw a You Tube video of the Disney Aqua Duck, she was sold!)  
The facilitator asked her for a back-up wish (just in case) and she smiled and said, 
"A swimming pool wif a hot tub".

....so we'll see.... 
It could be some time before details come together, but we are already excited about this new community and precious relationships that are being forged in the MAW family.  What an amazing organization!

"When you wish upon a star your dreams come true"
Four years ago today, our wish was coming true....we were bringing our miracle girl home from the hospital after her life-saving surgery.  Every day since then has been an answer to prayer and we give the glory to the Lord for her life that has been sustained and the gift that she is each and every day. 

What an absolute joy and delight to now see her wishes and dreams coming true!


Lydia said...

Such a sweet, sweet girl! :-)

Faith M. said...

You know I love this with every fiber of my being. I can't wait to see our girl's wishes coming true. Ours already have!

Stefenie said...

Wonderful!! Logan went on his Make-A-Wish trip in November to Disney World. It was the most amazing time ever! Glad that your little girl is getting her wish!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see her wish come true! Disney princesses are awesome!

You have a beautiful family! I'm here from Blog Frog, but I bookmarked your blog to come back. My husband was born with TGA (36 almost 37 years ago).

Rachel said...

What a wonderful surprise. You guys have been through a lot and are an inspiration to so many people. Enjoy this fun time!

The B Family said...

Precious! Precious! Precious!

Bethany said...

Wow. This broke my heart for you and made me so excited for Evie. Praying this is an amazing blessing for you all.

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