Friday, July 20, 2012

Sublimely 6

Its not every day that you turn 6, you know!  And this birthday traditionally happens to be a very big one at our house.  We spread the celebration between 4 days, 3 birthday cakes and 2 states. 

California cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents kicked off the party as we wrapped up our family reunion in Palm Springs.

We flew back to Atlanta where the festivities continued.  Since daddy had to fly out of town on her birthday. she got her gift a day early.  Who has a very handy-daddy?  This girl!

The anticipation.  The unveiling.  The reaction.

All our girls know they get a doll house on their 6th birthday.  Izzy picked out the paint color, but hadnt gotten a peek at the finished product until this moment.  C labored over this masterpiece, designing the plans himself and pouring hours into the design and assembly.  She was delighted with the finished product.

We arrived at Grandmoni’s for a tea time luncheon.  Heart shaped tea sandwiches and pink punch - of course!  Cake pops, fresh flowers, fruit and pink, pink, pink everywhere!

Weeks ago, Grandmoni asked Izzy what she wanted her to cook for her birthday dinner.  
And I quote:
"I would like hamburger & hotdogs, and red chips (Doritos) and juicy oranges from a can (mandarin oranges) and raw broccoli to dip in ranch.  And then I want a cake with like some little strawberries on top that are dipped in chocolate.  And thats all because that's SIX things like how old Im turning."

I will say, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.  Reminds me of the year as a child I asked for shrimp and lasagna for my birthday dinner - and got them both!  My mother spared no expense and Izzy got everything on her list delighting her precious 6 year old heart (and palate)   

Great Grandpa is the one responsible for the “dollhouse tradition”.  He made one for each of his grandaughters for their 6th birthday!!

The next day, I had planned to reconnect with some of my childhood girlfriends that I grew up with, so we invited moms, grandmothers and kids over for a picnic and swim.  What do you do when 17 kids are coming to swim and you wake up to rain?  


No......actually, it worked out beautifully and we “partied” on the porch until the drizzling rain blew over.   

My sister in law recently introduced me to Washi tape and I was eager to try with this party.  Im hooked now!  This stuff sticks to anything and is a super easy/cheap way to upcycle and decorate to color-coordinate anything.  We packaged favors and adorned glasses with it.  F-U-N!!

The IZZE pink grapefruit drinks were to perfect to pass up.  Not everyone has their own beverage label!  Paired with old-timey paper straws these were a hit.

My very talented friend Helen made cupcake toppers and cookies for our summer themed party.  She makes ridiculously cute things...not to mention, yummy!!

In the end, the sun did peek out for a little afternoon cool down swim.

Izzy, I must say....that of all my children whom I love equally, you are just the sweetest, most selfless, caring child I have ever met.  I am amazed daily by the maturity you show in your kindheartedness toward others.  You are simply a delight to your daddy and me.  Your compassion for those less fortunate, your giving spirit and eagerness to serve, and your contagious giggle are unequivocally endearing!

Happy 6th Little Miss Sunshine!!

Special thanks to our vendors for their party-planning expertise
You can find these items here:
Cute soda straws ~ Fun Paper Straws 
Favor bags, washi tape and gift tags ~ Cu-te-ta-pe
Cookie favors and cupcake toppers ~ Cakey Bakey


Faith M. said...

What a beautiful celebration for your inside and out beautiful girl. We love your Izzy so much and you are so right! She is so kindhearted, selfless, and loving. What a blessed Mommy you are!

Shannon said...

So, so adorably perfect! Happy birthday, Izzy!! :)

Karen said...

and I remember when she was born. wow...amazed at time passing. happy Birthday Izzy! :) xoxo

Dana Miller said...

Happy Birthday, Izzy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Izzy!

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