Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"New York, New York"

Just before Christmas, we journeyed to New York City.  Before departure, we were required to venture to the Thai Embassy to get our visas for our upcoming move.
We were told that all the kids had to be present for the interview. (they in fact were not so much as acknowledged....or counted for that matter).

C (conveniently) had a business trip in Buffalo before our embassy meeting....which meant he got to fly up a day early.  Consequently, I got the privilege of 14 hours in the car with a backseat full of Christmas chaos and 6 carsick kiddos all by myself:)

6 states
5 movies
4 detours
3 packs of candy
2 pit stops
...and a partridge in a pear tree.

Lucky me.

Actually, Im sure looking back it will seem like a piece of cake when we are in route to Thailand with 36 hours of flights to survive!

In all seriousness, the kids were total troopers and the drive was relatively uneventful save a few meltdowns and a near accident with a child who has a bladder the size of a quarter.  

Our dear friends Jim and Mary are some of the bravest souls I know.  They graciously invited our entire family to stay with them and their daughter in their tiny two bedroom apartment on Roosevelt Island.  Mind you, after two days in the car, my kids were like jack-in-the-boxes ready to spring loose once we descended on our poor friends.  Their hospitality was such a blessing!

We got to hang out a bit with my brother and sister-in-law too and they treated us to the exquisite taste of city life - Georgetown Cupcakes!

NYC was cold.  Freezing.  Frigid. Chilly.  Numbing.  
Can you tell Im not a fan of anything below 75?
Thailand will be a welcome change.  We bundled as best we could and made the most of the opportunity to see Americas biggest city all decked out in holiday glitz and glamour!

Rockefeller Center

Central Park

The Plaza where we had ice cream

Visiting the Eloise Boutique in the bottom of the Plaza....ooh so girly!

Early Christmas present - new dresses and tickets for me to take the girls to see Mama Mia on Broadway.

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Unknown said...

I love the way you embrace your family life!! Never a complaint, always an adventure. Your children will look back someday with such great family memories...

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