Friday, October 11, 2013


Its been a full summer of visitors at the Smith Bed & Breakfast!
We all loved having my brother Adam spend a couple weeks here.  Adam happens to be one of my kids favorite people in the world.  They think he hung the moon.  He spoils them rotten and is solely responsible for this little diva's new addiction to gummy bears!

My brother Eric and his wife also came on an exploratory trip as they are prayerfully considering joining our team and moving to Bangkok next year.  We would be so excited to have family in the same proximity.
Michelle asked for a "wish list" of foods before coming.  Wasnt I surprised when they showed up with the mother-of-all-suitcases jam-packed with SAMS super-sized containers of all the American foods and supplies that we cant get and miss....

Peanut Butter (can find it here but it sells for $8 a small jar)
Parmesan cheese
Ranch dressing mix
Refried beans
Flour Tortillas
Taco Seasoning (do you see a Mexican food trend here?)
Bobby pins
Hair Bands
Tampons ('nuf said)
Starbucks Coffee (thank you Barista Eric!)
and soooo....much....more!

Aah....a little taste of home.  Tristan was a happy camper as long as the Chex Mix and Hungry Jack pancake mix held out!

Regrettably, we didnt treat them to quite the same culinary delights.  
Food poisoning is never fun to deal with, but especially on the other side of the world, staying in a house full of rowdy nieces and nephews.
(so....who wants to come visit now?)

Here is a little peek of what you have to look forward to...... 
Grocery shopping at Thursday Market.
Not for the faint of heart....or week of stomach!

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