Friday, October 25, 2013

Tourists in Thailand (for a day)

The census was down at our house (Tristan was at a friends) and I had an extra set of capable hands (my friend Karen is visiting), so it seemed like a perfect time to take advantage of the ratio shift (only 3 kids per one adult) and do something very tourist-y!  We set off to see a major landmark about an hour from our home.  The “sleeping buddha”  An enormous gold statue in a temple. The architecture and gardens were astounding!!

Camera, snack bag, diapers, stroller and 5 kids in hand, we began our excursion.

Change to another train
Boat taxi
....arrival at destination.  


Not an easy commute, but a really fun one (at least on the way there.....we had some tired cookies on the way back!)

Gigi hating the heat, hating her hair bow, and hating mommys camera on the way home!

Karen and I have been friends since we lived in Ukraine as we met there when Britain was a baby.  She serves there as a missionary as well and was sent by her organization to attend a conference here in Bangkok.  We were fortunate to have her extend her trip to Thailand to spend some time with us!  What a blessing!  Gigi is working on saying “Auntie Kaween”.

Lucky for me, Karen is a photography enthusiast as well, so wasnt the slightest bit put out by all my capitalizing on photo-op moments.  And Abi!!.......Abi is my little protege!  Love that her camera was her constant companion today! 

It was "hotter’n’blazes" today!!  Karen cant get over the fact that it is nearing freezing temps already in Ukraine, and we are perpetually wearing sundresses and flip flops.  Weird timewarp when there is no change of seasons.  

Entering the temple, you are required to take off shoes....

.....and put something over your shoulders if you are wearing a sleeveles top.  Here is Abi sporting a super stylish, subtle neon green robe provided at the entrance for her to wear. 
We will be remembering to cover our shoulders next time.  THe thought of how many sweaty people have worn this hot robe was a bit disgusting!

Good to know!

Enjoy our traditional tourist trap photos!!
A lovely day!
One more check off our Bucket Bangkok List!!

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Cynthia P. said...

My favorite temple in Bangkok is Wat Po! I have a huge pic of it sitting in my office that was a going away present from my co-workers. Thanks for the pics, lovely as always! Looks like you guys had a fun-filled and memorable day.

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